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Cable & Acrylic Pocket Display Kits

Even with the introduction of the illuminated ‘Edgelit’ pocket displays the suspended cable and clear pocket units are still the traditional window display system favoured by estate agents, auctioneers and property letting agents. They are stylish, versatile with the added bonus of quality and good design offering a cost effective full window display of property advertisements.

The extensive range of fixing components and display accessories guarantee a suitable solution and fixing mechanism to suit any challenges presented by a window area or internal walls which are not perfectly suited.


Support cables are available in 1.5mm or 3mm thick galvanised steel cables depending on the weight of pockets involved (1.5mm holds up to 120kg, 3mm holds up to 200kg). Our team can complete a site survey where requested and offer the best solutions to deliver the display desired.
Cables available
•    Ceiling to floor
•    Ceiling to wall
•    Wall to wall
•    Wall to floor
•    Wall to wall angled
Components are available in 
•    Satin Chrome (most popular)
•    Polished chrome
•    Polished Brass

The display pockets are produced from a 2mm clear acrylic which is a hardwearing scratch resistant plastic material, they are available in an of arrange of standard ‘A’ sizes in single and multi pockets, portrait and landscape. The acrylic is cut to size and heated to form a U shaped pocket with a range of finishes available. 

•    Wing - designed for use with cables /Rods

•    Hook  - designed for use with rods

Multi pockets are pockets that are 1 piece but hold more than 1 type of ‘A’ sized insert either portrait or landscape, used by most to save on components therefore reducing the cost of your display

How do I start the ordering process?

  • Call our sales team today 01 8623852 to arrange a site survey, or provide dimensions over the phone. 

  • Once we know the display area available we can discuss which A size pocket variation would offer you the most cost effective solution. 

  • We can have our graphic designer draw up a visual using an actual photo of your premises to give you a real life visual before placing your order.

  • Once the kit combination is agreed we can arrange delivery or installation within the following days (standard lead time 5-7 working days from approval of order)

  1. Cable type

  2. Pocket combination 

  3. Additional accessories e.g. branded header panels

  4. Track lighting


Launching or refurbishing why not consider completing the transformation with 

  1. Wall Maps

  2. Leaflet Holders 

  3. Consider upgrading to Edgelit window display

  4. Projecting signage

  5. Illuminated Shop Front Lettering

For information on free standing units and rotating window displays contact our sales team now at 018623852 

Common questions:

Customers can purchase their acrylic window displays in kits and organise the fitting themselves. It’s important to get the tension correct on the cables and ensure secure fixings are used in the mounting surface given the continuous use so we recommend using a member of our expert installation team for all fitting. 
We offer a nationwide delivery service with a 3-5 day lead time from receipt of order and payment in full when installation is not required.


Call now 01 8623852  to place an order today.

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