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Flye Fit Drundrum Hoarding panel

Hoarding Panel-


What is it?
Corriboard is a fluted polypropylene plastic sheet with a twin wall structure making it lightweight yet rigid. As it accepts all inks perfectly and is very cost effective, it is the ideal product when a printed full colour hoarding wall is required for short-term outdoor signage. 

Thickness: 5mm
Colour: White 
Sheet  Size:

8ft x 4ft (2440mm x 1220mm)

from €36.00
Also available in 5ft x 10ft

(1500mm x 3050mm) from €59.00

Railings, Walls, Buildings, Hoarding, (Not suitable for use on wooden stakes without a solid mounting surface).




Why choose corriboard over composite metal for short-term hoarding?
The key difference is cost! At €36 (excluding vat) per corriboard sheet printed with a vibrant full colour design it is 60% less than the high gloss composite metal panel alternative.

Keep in mind you pay for what you get. Corriboard is a matt material with its fluted structure creating a ribbed surface which is visible when compared to the metal composites very smooth surface.


Call 01 8623852 now to place an order today.

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