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Wall map

Wall Maps- 

A picture paints a thousand words,

Hence the wall art revolution. Walk into any well known branded business like River Island, Reiss, Ted Baker, Lifestyle Sports and TKMaxx and of course DNG to name a few that Sign A Rama have had the pleasure of working with you will most likely be greeted with some well thought out wall prints. It's a simple, cost effective way to create an interior space that instantly communicates the required vibe, message or mood to convey the brands personality and create the necessary shopping experience for the consumer/client .


There is a range of wall paper material from the self adhesive smooth matt finished  favoured by retailers to a range of  textured papers favoured by architects and interior designers – it’s completely removalable non permanent solution.. at €90/sq meter designed, printed and fitted this is the perfect way to transform an office space to wow customers.


Wall graphics have now opened up enormous scope for retail fit outs and interior office design, update or revamp a blank wall creating a memorable or functional visual - skyline, abstract art or as auctioneers a map of a specific area would be the ideal choice. View blank walls as a canvas to connect with the consumers and staff.

How to order a wall print


1. Arrange a site survey with Signarama, the desired wall will need to be measured and assessed. Wall papers only adhere well to perfectly smooth surfaces – the quality of the finish will be determined by the quality of the surface below. Its best we identifiy all the sockets and obstacles that need to be taken into consideration when the print files are being prepared.

2. Design stage – work with our graphic designer to prepare a concept for the best use of the space. As we have partnered with HP for our print equipment we have access to an amazing library of FREE wall art or we can purchase imags from or on your behalf.


3. If an ordance survey map wall print is required we will liaise with OS on your behalf to purchase the specific map required, as permission and rights must be purchased in advance of use.
4. Once design is approved and wall paper type decided, Signarama will send our their expert fitting team in 3-5 working days.


For more information on auctioneer wall prints call 01862 3852 now.

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