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Auctioneer Flags,T Boards and Sale boards are produced from corriboard a fluted polypropylene plastic sheeting formed with a twin wall structure making it lightweight yet rigid. It is manufactured for short term temporary use indoors and outdoors. 



Auctioneer sale board


Majestically positioned at the entrance to any building site, characterised by rich vibrant colours with computerised imagery. Development signs are the ultimate sales tool used to create that first impression and attract prospective buyers.

Development sign


Corriboard is a fluted polypropylene plastic sheet with a twin wall structure making it lightweight yet rigid. As it accepts all inks perfectly and is very cost effective, it is the ideal product when a printed full colour hoarding wall is required for short-term

outdoor signage.​

Flye Fit Hoarding panel


Is a 3mm composite sheet material is a combination of two (.2mm) aluminium outer layers permanently bonded to a solid polyethylene core resulting in an exceptionally strong yet lightweight super smooth high gloss (or matt reverse side) sheeting. Ideal for flat applications both short-term and long-term, indoor and outdoor.

Dunnes Stores Hoarding panel
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