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Pavement Signs - The Silent Seller

Given its an effective mobile outdoor signage option most businesses will acquire a pavement sign as it's a simple and cost effective sales tools ranging in price from €129*, generally used to: 

•    Alert and direct passing customers to a business

•    Advise of a special offer•    

•    Advertise a service/product listing


Available in many sizes, materials and colours there are two types
1.    Panel signs 
2.    Poster signs.

Panel pavement signs although changeable they are a slightly more permanent solution due to the fact that the agreed artwork design is printed on self adhesive vinyl and applied to the aluminium panel itself. This type of sign is most suitable standard message ‘ Logo and brand message’ that will not need to be changed regularly.

The poster option is the slightly more expensive of the two but a more versatile product as printed posters (outdoor print material) can be interchanged to communicate numerous messages. 

Call today 01862 3852 to discuss the ideal pavement sign for your business 


Panel Sign - A-frame

A-Frame (sandwich board)
Ideal portable option – with its lightweight aluminium frame that folds flat it can be easily stored or transported so perfect to inform passing traffic a house is currently ‘on view’. It is best used in a sheltered area due to the lightweight construction;
Ideal where space is an issue, required to be carried for storage purposes.


Panel Sign - Swinger

Available in standard poster sizes: A2, A1, A0 with all the benefits of the panel version plus the versatility to rapidly change the posters through the top-opening polycarbonate poster pocket with magnetic seals. The No 2 seller due its low cost, quick and easy ‘no tools’ assembly and low centre of gravity for maximum stability.

Poster Option - Swinger

This is the most popular type of panel sign due to the fact that the sign is equipped with a heavy base, which enables this sign to be used in an open area giving a wider use than the A-frame sign. The panel is attached through the use of clips which suspend from the frame itself, another benefit of these types of sign is that you can add what is called a “Tactical Header” which is attached as the name suggests to the top of the frame giving an option to add additional information.


Poster Option - Windmaster

The most popular of the poster pavement option. A heavy water fillable base and heavy duty mounts ensure that this sign can deal with an increased wind in exposed areas. It also comes equipped with an attachable handle and wheels to help manoeuvre the sign. Ideally used close to main roads or areas with an extra wide footpath or pedestrian area.


Call now 01 8623852  to place an order today.

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