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Illuminate your windows with edgelit window pockets!​

These days it can be hard to get customers attention, we’re all so busy with places to go, and even when we have a free minute we’re glued to our phones! So how can you make your shop front really stand out and get noticed? If you have windows then one fantastic option is edgelit window pockets. They are a great way to literally light up your window while conveying information to passing customers.


Are they suitable for my business?

They are perfect for anyone with window space. While traditionally seen in the windows of estate agents and auctioneers nowadays there are lots of industries utilising edgelit pockets. They are becoming more of a feature in the windows of travel agents and hairdressers as they advertise special offers, prices and opening hours – as well as houses for sale or rent! If you have empty windows then consider edgelit pockets as they dramatically increase the visibility and overall look of a store. All edgelit pockets can be personalised, you can change the color of the frame to match your business and engrave the frame so your name is literally up in lights! There are also rotating edgelit pockets available which are rod mounted and draw even more attention to your window. They are perfect for estate agents as twice as many properties can be displayed. You can choose any configuration you like to suit your windows!

How do they work?

The displays are made from double sided acrylic panels which are lit from inside with low voltage LEDs, illuminating the information on both sides. As well as that the frames have a glowing outer edge. This is due to the acrylic panels which allow the light travel to the bevelled edges creating a halo effect. The paper inside is a back lit film which diffuses the light perfectly so your windows really glow! The back lit paper is secured using a magnetic frame so you can change the content as regularly as you like. There are no dark shadows due to the unique design of the light panel.

They are hung with ceiling to floor cables which carry electricity to each frame, as well as maintaining a sleek and modern look in your window. Each column of frames has a transformer which connects to a socket – it’s that simple!  


How do I look after them?

The edgelit pockets are very easy to clean; a simple wipe of a soft cloth is all it takes. We do not recommend using harsh cleaning products however. The LEDs themselves have a minimum life expectancy of 60,000 – 100,000 hours and because they are low voltage and energy efficient they are not hard on electricity. They are also very easy to change and there is no need for tools.  At Sign A Rama we include everything needed in our edgelit display kits – ceiling to floor cables, clamps, transformers and of course installation.

What if I don’t have windows?

Even if you have a small window space you could consider edgelit pockets, they are available in multi pocket kits which save on space. If you don’t have windows then the edgelit pockets are available wall mounted. They are equally as effective indoors as when mounted on a wall instead of a standard business plaque or directional signage they really stand out. They are a great alternative to illuminated letters in receptions or offices, and because the content can be changed so often they are great for businesses that change prices, offers and menus! We also offer free standing bevelled edgelit panels which are freestanding units. These can be ordered with a decorative base and again the frames are available in different colours.


Are they expensive?

Sign A Rama have the guaranteed lowest prices in Ireland – we cannot be beaten! We work closely with our customers on what displays work well, how many units you'd like to display and of course what your budget is. Everything is built around you! The edgelit pockets make such a difference to a window, especially at night. They draw the eye due to the bright lights and halo effect of the frames, which is perfect for all passing traffic. The LEDs have a minimum life expectancy as mentioned and the cost of running them is low especially if only used at night. In the dark winter days in Ireland when it seems to be dark constantly edgelit pockets will brighten your office and windows! They offer a fantastic return on investment as they are a great, long lasting advertising tool for any business. We are always on hand here in Sign A Rama to offer advice on any queries or questions about edgelit pocket displays. 



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