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1) Transform your window display from a dull and lifeless display into a stunning feature window which will show the properties that you are advertising in the best possible way. Picture yourself walking down any main street and you are trying to decide which estate agency you should use to sell your house. One estate agency has a bright and modern illuminated window pocket display and the other has a traditional non-illuminated pocket display. I think without doubt you would pick the estate agency with the illuminated window pocket display.


2) Turn a dark window display into a light feature that will draw attention to your shop from passing traffic. Why waste money installing up lighters and down lighters into your window when you can use the pockets themselves to illuminate your window. Once you have installed your illuminated window pocket display there will be no need to add additional lighting to your window.


3) Keep up with the competition. We are getting enquires daily from estate agencies all over the country about transforming their window displays from traditional displays into illuminated window pocket displays. If you are not considering changing your window pockets into illuminated pockets, then your competitors are and in busy locations every little bit helps. The amount that you spend on an illuminated window pocket system will be paid back very quickly by the extra visibility you will have by having the displays in place.


4) The illuminated window pockets run on low cost LEDs. So your running costs will be low allowing you to maximise the long term benefit of having an illuminated window pocket system. Other lightboxes or lighting options can be expensive to run and are not nessesary once you install the illuminated window pocket display.

5) Create light where there is none. If your window display is dark and hard to light, you can use an illuminated window pocket display to light the area up. The means that not only are the properties that you are displaying in the window shown in the best possible light but your premises is also shown to be bright and inviting.

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